HCSB Revised version now available in print

UPDATE: the changes in the HCSB Student version of the ASB are not the full changes read Will’s comment below.

Curiosity got the best of me and went to my local Academic Christian Book store and purchased the new HCSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students (ASBS).  Not so much because I need another study bible, but because I wanted to evlauate the new revised HCSB text, and how it looks on print and how different it might be from the digital copy that I have.

I have confirmed that new HCSB ASBS does in fact have the revised HCSB text, dated 2009.  There is no mention in the copyright pages that this is a revision, or an update.  The only thing that gives it away is the date mention of 2009.  Some time back I had done a comparison of Ephesians with the original HCSB, and the digital revised text that I had purchased.

Just a few quick observations, just bought it today.

Disappointing things about the revision are:

  • There are no footnotes for “brothers” in the New Testament
  • There are no footnotes for the use of the phrase “[another] language” (Tongues) in Paul’s usage of the word in his letters.
  • In both cases I was hoping that some footnotes would have been added.  Now there still might be some for Brothers, but I have not done an exhausted search.  Have to do it by hand, the old fashion way.

Positive things about the revision are:

  • bullet points are much, much smaller and non-intrusive.

I have made a PDF of the first page of Ephesians so that you can see for yourself that it does contain the revised HCSB.  Check out the PDF for Ephesians it’s not the best copy in the world and I used Mono to remove all color from the page.  Scanned it with my Verizon Eris.

HCSB 2nd Edition Eph1


14 thoughts on “HCSB Revised version now available in print

  1. Just to clarify, the changes in the Student version of the ASB are not the full changes. The complete revised version will debut in the Minister’s Bible in June. And, yes, the brackets will be gone then! 🙂

    • Will, that is great news! Although I wished it had the full changes 😦 I guess I will have to wait a bit more, but it is nice to have some of the changes now, at least in print.

    • TC, I don’t know??? They are still in this sudo revision that they released, but I won’t know until the Minister’s Bible is released. Again, not a deal breaker for me personally I still like the HCSB.

      The changes in the ASBS seem to match what is in the revised digital version that they had released last year. We will just have to wait and see or unless they give us a sneak peak.

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  3. Joe says:

    Is Hebrews 10:37 still missing a “not”?

    My digital copy reads “For yet in a very little while, the Coming One will come and delay.”

  4. matt says:

    The HCSB bible on olivetree biblereader has a bulletpoint for “language” explaining it is traditionally translated as tongue, ecstatic speece or heavenly languages

    • Matt you are right! I have the HCSB on bible reader as well, and I just updated it after you left this note. I noticed that it now has the 2009 release and it has the note on “language” Thanks for pointing that out.

      If you have the HCSB on your OliveTree BibleReader, go and update it and you will have the latest release. I still see no notes for “brothers” so lets hope that they add some note similar to what they did on the ESV

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