New believers courses started today

Today I started our new believers class at our church. I had done this course about 3 years back but due to schedule conflicts we had not done them again. We finally decided to offer them on Sunday morning during our second service instead of doing them on a week night.

We had a great response about 14 new members showed up. The course is 5 weeks long where we go over basic doctrines. Our church keeps growing and it is more and more difficult to know everyone at our church, so this gives us (pastors) an opportunity to meet them and spend sometime with them.

I also started teaching on the Doctrine of God on Tuesday night we had about 8 folks show up. I hope that these efforts in teaching Gods word bear much fruit. My prayer is that I instill in them a passion for God and an understanding that it’s not just the head knowledge that matters but it should lead us into a deeper relationship with Christ.


5 thoughts on “New believers courses started today

  1. Jesse Rodriguez says:

    Hi Pastor, looking forward to next week lesson and if you can please send me sundays notes . Thank you and God Bless

  2. Robert, many blessings to you and your passion to teach the truths of God’s Word to his people. Just today a pastor friend and I were talking about the best approach to sharing God’s Word to new believers.

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