Photos of the new home office

I took a few shots with my camera phone of the new home office. Just thought I would share them with you all.

That is a signed basketball by Derek Fisher. One of the guys that comes to my theology classes does personal training for Fisher so he got that for me.

I am still not done with some of the final touches, I need to hang a few more photos on the walls, and get some new curtains for the windows, maybe some new blinds as well. But for the most part it’s done.


15 thoughts on “Photos of the new home office

    • Bryan, I do find myself wanting to spend time in here even when I am not working. The chair is perfect for reading, all I need is an ottoman to kick my feet on. Also the chair has been cool as my son will come in here in the evenings and do his homework if I happen to be on the computer.

  1. Thanks Jeff, I did have a small limited budget so I spent most of it on the desk. I already had the bookcase, chair and lamp which I confiscated from our living room. We need to buy new furniture for our living room it’s pretty barren in there. It makes for a nice reading area as well.

    I shot that with my Droid Eris, it does a decent job.

    • That was one of the requirements, I love having plenty of desk space, although it is a bit bigger than I thought but it worked out just right. I had intended to put the desk facing out to the entrance of the room because I thought the desk was smaller, so I had to adjust and put it against the wall which worked out just fine.

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