How to convert your PDF’s to iBooks

I found a way on how to convert a PDF file to an iBook epub format.  The process is relatively simple.  First you need to download Calibre ebook management software (it’s free).  Next go to Simple Help and follow the instructions including Calibre setup.

My first attempt failed but it could have been the PDF.  My second attempt was a PDF book that I purchased from Crossway Books “He who gives life, by Graham Cole”.  This one worked!  It did not create a table of content that would allow me to jump to specific chapters so that’s a bummer.  What did work was the ability to select text which enables me to use the built dictionary and highlight text.  I’ll keep working on it and see what else I am able to do.  Going to convert the biggest PDF that I have and see what happens.

You ask why bother aren’t there any PDF readers on the iPad?  Yes there are plenty of great PDF readers, and so far only one that lets you add notes and highlights.  I personally prefer the interaction of iBooks and it also gives me the ability of highlighting and the use of the built-in dictionary and other features that will be coming in iBooks.  Of course I can purchase a PDF reader that will allow me to highlight, etc, but I didn’t want to spend the extra dollars and the reviews were so-so.  It also helps me stay a bit more organized and I can keep all of my books in one of two locations the other being the iPad Kindle app.


12 thoughts on “How to convert your PDF’s to iBooks

  1. When I got my Kindle I started off trying to convert pdfs to the Kindle format for the text resize, annotating and highlighting. Eventually I found I preferred pdfs instead and am now looking for a good pdf reader and don’t care to buy any ebook format other than pdf now. Plus it’s really hard to get a good conversion from pdf to any other format. You need to play with it a lot, especially if it has footnotes and after a while it just wasn’t worth it to me. Unfortunately this means I want to sell my Kindle now as I don’t want to read those types of ebooks anymore and the Kindle doesn’t really cut it as a pdf reader.

    I’d like to find a tablet that can run acrobat or foxit since both of those do not taking and highlighting and can save the changes to the file. I’ve been considering a few convertible netbooks but I’m afraid they’ll be too bulky. It sucks ’cause I’m too impatient right now and I know winter and next year will be the best time to by a tablet other than the iPad.

    • Bryan, the HP slate dumped windows 7, and it’s going with their newly acquired WebOS (pronounce it in Spanish, it’s pretty funny). That may be a great choice. I don’t plan to convert all of my PDF’s just certain ones. I’m sure it’s just a matter time before there are plenty of PDF editors.

      If you love your iPhone get the iPad you cant go wrong, I am really impressed so far and you know I’m not an Apple fanatic.

  2. I just can’t bring myself to buy one. I’m sure I would love it for certain things but I really want a true pc experience from a device that size. I don’t even really want an Android tablet either as I don’t think the apps are that great, certainly not as good as Apple apps. If Apple releases a smaller iPad for less, maybe a 7 inch iPad, I would definitely jump on that. I really think I’ll have to go with a convertible netbook. Asus makes one that’s tempting me. Really though I just need to be patient and see what comes out later this year.

  3. walterbyrd says:

    I have tried this several times, and I have found that it does not work very well at all. Usually I get all chapters once, with the first page, then I get all the chapters again with the rest of the content. Once the fairly small pdf was converted to huge 148MB epub, and the entire thing was upside down and backwards. I also tend to get random junk throughout, which is very distracting.

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