Celtics kill the Cavs

What happened to Lebron James and the Cavs tonight? They got stomped by the Celtics tonight that’s what. I don’t know what happened to Lebron tonight seemed like he did not care. Is he looking for an excuse to leave? Does he not have the ability to lead his team? I know that Lebron won the MVP, but its like Kenny Smith said the other night Kobe is a more complete player than Lebron. Kobe has something that Lebron seems to be missing, that is to lead and motivate his team even through his injuries and help them win games and championships.

The series is not over next game will be played at Boston. But the Celtics confidence level is way high now, they know they can shut down Lebron and they smell blood. Next game will be very interesting and this may have been Lebron’s last game in Cleveland. Hopefully Lebron will show up and demonstrate why won the MVP.


14 thoughts on “Celtics kill the Cavs

    • Jeff there are so many trash talking Kobe haters that I just ignore them. Our recent lost to the OKC Thunders was horrible but Kobe was injured playing with a swollen right knee and his finger still causing problems. As far as I known there is nothing wrong with Lebron and maybe he just had a bad day but now they are down 3-2 and places the Cavs in desperation mode.

      I don’t know if you watched the last few games but Kobe appears to over his injuries and is knocking in 30 points per game. 15 points for Lebron, 0 rebounds I just don’t see that as expectable for a player of his caliber.

      It’s one game but a big loss at home, and like I said it’s a series but this just might be a big turning point for the Celtics. They are an experienced championship team unlike OKC Thunder. Paul Pierce played much better tonight and maybe got his confidence back and that could be more trouble for the Cavs.

    • Spurs need to rebuild the 3 top players are getting old. Ages is really starting to show on Duncan. Just be an NBA fan now that your team is out it is much less stressful to just watch and enjoy. BTW the West Coast has dominated the NBA Finanls in the last 10 years, the Spurs won 4 championships and the Lakers won 4, leaving the Celtics and the Heat for the other two wins.

    • I think the Lakers are going to the finals. The Suns will be tough but I still think we can beat them in 6, maybe even 7. I think the match up for the finals will be the LA Lakers and the Orlando Magic, and who will win? The Lakers are looking very good I was concerned when we started the post season but not I’m not so worried.

    • lebron needs to leave Clevland and go to New York or another team that has a coach that is willing to get in Lebron’s face and motivate him. He looked lost the last two games, and that’s a coaching problem.

      • It’s hard to know what’s going on in someone’s personal life. But even in difficulties the great ones will play well. I feel there’s something more going on there, but then I’m speculating in a comment where I say it’s not good to speculate. Hypocrite am I.

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