New ESV Bible on-line

If you haven’t already check out the new ESV bible on line. It has some nice features, like highlighting, notes, and bookmarks.

ESV Bible on-line

Wheaton, IL (May 13, 2010)—-Crossway is pleased to announce the new ESV Online. A key part of Crossway’s ESV Digital initiative, the ESV Online is a powerful and convenient tool giving access to the ESV Bible and other resources for understanding and applying God’s Word.

Free access to the ESV Online is now available by signing up at Users are able to customize their own interface, highlight and mark verse numbers, add bookmark ribbons, search the ESV text, and manage personal notes. The free version also includes a variety of daily reading plans and devotional calendars.

Want to try the highly acclaimed ESV Study Bible free? For a limited time, everyone who signs up for an ESV Online account will receive a free 30 day trial access to the ESV Study Bible. Current Online ESV Study Bible users will be contacted via email over the coming weeks and will have their accounts migrated to the ESV Online site with access to all the study notes and resources. The Study Bible module is also available to purchase within the ESV Online platform or for free with the purchase of any print edition of the ESV Study Bible.

In addition to the above, Crossway is developing many more ESV Online modules to enhance the study of God’s Word. Stay tuned for the release of Greek tools, MacArthur study notes, commentaries, Bible Audio recordings in numerous languages, and much more!

Coming this summer, ESV Online users will be able to sync their account with mobile ESV Bible apps so personal highlights and notes can be accessed and updated anywhere.


10 thoughts on “New ESV Bible on-line

  1. Thanks. I was going to post on this but I knew someone would beat me to it and I don’t like to repeat. Plus people call me names for thinking the ESV is a solid translation.

    I think it’s great that it has a free component. That’s been their model and it has worked out. Those extra modules sound interesting too.

    • Jeff , I didn’t bother to check my google reader to see if others had posted, I just got the email and updated my blog.

      I still like the ESV although I hardly use it but I love the study bible and the free resources that they have. I have the free ESV app on my iPad and it is really good. I hope that they integrate the study bible with it so that I don’t have to pay since I already own the licenese for the on line version. I won’t buy another one because I have easy access to the online version plus I have a printed copy as well. Thniking of giving it away since I hardly use it.

  2. The NLT has some ‘inserts’ or whatever they’re called, square things in a page that have a few paragraphs on a subject or person, that may not be online so I use the print version to look at those. ESV may have everything online.

    • Jeff, you can access the ESV Study Bible for free for 30 days check it out it’s very well done. There are two functions that I can’t do on my iPad 1) highlight, 2) add notes on the ESVSB. But I can access all of the other features. I am going to be adding all of my notes on Olive Tree bible reader anyhow plus I can access it from my android as well and sync the notes with EverNotes as well.

  3. I may have been unclear. I do have the ESV Study Bible. And I’m assuming everything in the paper version is in the online version. With the NLT I’m not sure if those insert things are online or not. The ESV sure does stand out on the book shelf.

  4. James Burke says:

    I purchased the ESV Study Bible for my Kindle. Can someone explain how to use the bookmark feature. I click on the bookmark feature when i want to bookmark a page, but when I return I can’t find any sign of my bookmark.

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