Books of the Bible on the iPad

One of the main purposes that I got the iPad was to read books, PDF’s and of course the Bible.   This year I have made it a goal to get back to serious devotional reading, which in recent times always led to research and study.   Which is not bad but it is very distracting, and keeps me from doing any sort of meaningful thought provoking devotional reading.   I have been working really hard every morning to read the Psalms and the Gospels which is working out pretty good.

The other day I came across the “The Books of the Bible” by Zondervan on iBooks which if you are not familiar with gives you a unique way of reading the bible without any distractions.   I read through the book of Epheisans this morning straight through and it was just wonderful.   I now plan to use this as my main method of doing my daily devotional reading.

Here is their brief description:

The Books of The Bible differs from the format of most current Bibles in significant ways:

  • literary forms of the Bible’s books
  • chapter and verse numbers are removed from the text (a chapter-and-verse range is at the bottom of each page)
  • individual books are presented with the literary divisions that their authors have indicated
  • footnotes, section headings and other supplementary materials have been removed from the text (translators’ notes are available at the back of each book)
  • the books of the Bible have been placed in an order that provides more help in understanding, based on literary genre, historical circumstance and theological tradition
  • single books that later translations or tradition divided into two or more books are made whole again (example: Luke-Acts)
  • single-column setting that clearly and naturally presents the
  • You can purchase these from iBooks for .99 cents each and the whole New Testament is broken down into 4 volumes so for $4.00 you can buy the whole New Testament.   I have not found the Old Testament, but that’s ok I still open up my fine leather HCSB bible now and then to read the Psalms.  Anyhow if you happen to own an iPad I highly recommend you give this a try.  You only have to invest .99 cents to give it a try.  Also if you don’t own an iPad you can still purchase the printed version as well.


    2 thoughts on “Books of the Bible on the iPad

    1. bill says:

      Yes, I love TBOTB and saw the premium edition too. But is it “premium” in any real way or just another printing with a different cover???

      Ouch, the project dead? Hope not.

      It appears the sage ones went fast, the orange ones are being sold cheap now, and the black and burgundy ones are sort of boring for a soft cover book. Either way, it’s encouraging that they’re printing more. Wish they’d come out with a premium binding.

      Does anyone know sales numbers? What’s considered success or failure?

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