Joining Near Emmaus blogging team

Brian LaPort from has requested bloggers to join his team. He knows the challenges very well on how difficult it can be to blog on a regular basis and at one point he even considered calling it quits. I’m glad he didn’t! A while back I had seriously considered partnering with him but wanted to stick it out and see if I would commit to blogging, an expression that I really enjoy. But here we are half way through the year and I am blogging at a very slow pace, slow enough that I am surprise that anyone is still following me.

I have decided to partner with Brian and start blogging over there. I’ll keep this blog alive and post random thoughts, some tech stuff, general life updates, and not sure what else, well let me put it like this, anything that doesn’t require much thinking or research 😉 I do believe that this blog will server it’s purpose in later years, maybe once I finish school. The original goal of this blog was to have 2 other bloggers in addition to myself. They were two of my friends one is working on his Master’s in theology at Talbot Seminary, the others was a graduate from BIOLA. However they were just to busy to be able to contribute anything. I was left alone to try and keep it alive.

I live a very busy life as most of you know that follow me. I am married with a teenage son, I work full time for IBM, I am the Assistant Pastor at my church, I teach and preach regularly at my church, I oversee various ministries, I just bought a new house (lots of updates that were/are needed), I’m enrolled in school hoping to finish my B.Th a lifelong goal that I have put off for to long, and I want to blog, I really do.

I know that many of you that follow me here already follow Brain, so I look forward to seeing you over there.


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