NIV 2011 Premium Edition Review

Yesterday I received in the mail from my new NIV 2011 Thinline Reference Premium Leather Large Print Black Letter Edition.  This is a double column bible, with center reference.  Cost $81.89

First impressions are amazing!   I own several premium leather bibles and this one overall is the nicest.  I highly recommend this bible to anyone shopping for a Premium Leather edition.  Here are the things I like best about this edition.

  1. The font and its size 10.5.  The font choice they made is so much better than the choice they had made with the TNIV Renaissance Bible.  I never really warmed up to the TNIV font.  I think it is too small, and they are too tight making it a bit difficult to read, and I have 20/20 vision.  The NIV is using a font that is much better to read possibly Georgia, nicely spread which helps to separate lines.
  2. Two ribbons, every bible should have two ribbons they are not that expensive, one for the OT, and one for the NT.
  3. Center-column reference
  4. Thinline less than one inch think
  5. Premium supple Leather has lots of character, a bible you just love to hold in your hands and read.
  6. Stitch binding which allows it to lay perfectly flat when opened

If you are on a budget and really would like to have the Large Print Thinline Reference edition, Zondervan is offering bonded leather editions as well as a Hardback and Duo-Tune.  I personally don’t care for bonded leather, I actually prefer the Duo-Tone over it.  If I was on a budget I would buy this one, the Italian Duo-Tone Brown for $30.85, and if you prefer you can get the Hardcover for $22.79

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.  I show some comparison with the HCSB Premium Leather Legacy bible.  That one is also a large print, center column bible.  However they used a Time Romans font, and is slightly smaller than the NIV.  Also I included some shots with the TNIV Renaissance bible.  One thing that I like better on the HCSB Premium Leather bible, is the choice they used for the back of the leather.  It appears they didn’t use anything which allows the bible to feel better when you open it, also the leather feels a bit thicker than the NIV 2011. The NIV and TNIV both use some matte paper that is glued to the leather.  It’s fine, but I think I would prefer how the HCSB did it.  Lastly you will see that TNIV is thickest of all three (not advertised as a Thinline), and the NIV and HCSB are about the same thickness.

Yes I know that I retired from blogging, but I’m actually just semi-retired from blogging.  I just had to share this with the rest of you.

Photo Notes:
The side by side comparison for Matthew is the NIV (left) and HCSB (right)


27 thoughts on “NIV 2011 Premium Edition Review

  1. Gary Zimmerli says:

    Hi Robert! Good to “see” you again! Thanks for the review. I did a post this morning on my new NIV with the bonded leather cover, and while you could make me jealous, I’m still quite happy with mine. I have to agree with most of your points; I think Zondervan did a great job with the new NIV thinline Large Print. (But your pics are a lot better than mine!) 😉

  2. Gary,

    yeah I’m a sucker for hand crafted premium leather bibles. I need to go by and read your review. How do you like the bonded leather? I have one bonded leather, a pocket size HCSB British Tan Classic, and that one is very nice, the leather has a very nice silky feel to it. But most of the bonded leather bibles I have seen are stiff and unpleasant to the touch.

    As far as the pics go, I have professional lenses and I’m a pretty serious photographer LOL so I have a slight advantage. I try to work with available light and add a few props in the background to help frame the photo. I also like shooting on my glass desk, it gives it a nice reflection adds drama to the photo.

  3. Great pics! I like the TNIV font a bit better but this one ain’t too shabby. I’m happy to see that he have reference Bibles out already. I thought it was going to be a few months before those started appearing.

  4. I am really surprised to see stitching down the front cover of a premium leather. That stitching make it look like an Italian Duo-Tone. Can’t wait for mine to arrive on Monday. Thanks for the preview!

  5. Nathan Stitt says:

    Thanks for posting these pictures. It’s nice to see the interior layout as well as the premium cover. I can’t decide what I’m going to do about the updated NIV, as I love my TNIV Reference Bible. I would rather use the new text but I will miss the layout of the old Reference Bibles…

    • Brian, this is a really nice bible. I don’t personally think that there is too much bleed through, not any more than the TNIV Single Column. The fonts are a nice deep black which helps. If you have the money I would get it, or get one of the DuoTone editions, those look very nice.

    • Esteban, thanks! I was really hoping the photos would help people decide if they were going to spend $80 or not. I would have liked for it to be single column, but to be honest with you double column doesn’t really bother me that much. The main purpose of this bible is to preach from it. I use my iPad to preach and teach out of, but I like to have a bible in my hand when I preach. I also read from it at home. Plus if I really want to read a single column NIV I just flip the switch on my OliveTree iPad App.

      • Well, I’m not going to spent that kind of money just yet, but I might in the future! 🙂 I too prefer single column, even without the references. Did I understand your reply above correctly — is there a single column NIV 2011 listed in the catalog? If so, would you mind sharing the ISBN?

      • The one that Nick pointed out is the single column one they have scheduled for now. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be other editions in the future. One thing that I noticed that it doesn’t say “Lay Flat” as the others do, which makes me wonder if it is Stiched. I don’t like bibles with glue binding, they don’t lay flat and most importantly they tend to fall apart over time.

        If price is an issue take a look at the DuoTone or bonded leather they run between $25-$35, you can always have them rebound in your choice of leather later on 😉

  6. Does the Bible say premium anywhere?

    On the Amazon there are other bibles that have the same picture and say leather bound and have different prices… I could not see the word Premium anywhere.



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  8. kay says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a NIV bible and came across your comments. Do you know whether Italian duotone is durable, or does it wear and tear like PVC cover? Does it last as long as bonded leather? Thanks! 🙂

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