Theology Matters – Seminar

If you live in Southern California, or happen to be visiting, I’d like to invite you to our upcoming Seminar: “Theology Matters” being hosted by Paramount Bible Institute and Praise Chapel Paramount.  Our special guest is Dr. Fred Sanders Associate Professor at BIOLA University.

Dr. Fred Sanders is a great guy, even Nick Norelli thinks so, check out his post on Fred Sanders.  Also stop by and visit Fred Sanders blog.

Recent Publications:

  1. The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything” (Crossway 2010)
    1. Book Review by Nick Norelli
  2. Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective” (B&H 2007) Fred Sanders & Klaus Issler
    1. Book Review by Nick Norelli


New blogging app on iPad “Blogsy”

Got this new app that I am trying out on the iPad, it is far superior than the WordPress app, and also supports Blogger. It is very intuitive, and takes full advantage of the iPad touch functionality. The App is called Blogsy and it is currently selling for $2.99. The price will be going up soon, so if you have an iPad and you are a blogger I highly recommend you get this one. WordPress should take a huge lesson from them. it’s a shame that WordPress was not able to produce a usable stable app, let alone an app that would utilize the iPad’s touch abilities.

Friday’s with Fee

I just picked up a copy this week of Gordon Fee’s New Testament Exegesis, and read through the preface, and the introduction.  In his introduction he writes:

The term exegesis is used in this book in a consciously limited sense to refer to the historical investigation into the meaning of the biblical text.  The presupposition lying behind this task is that the biblical books had “authors” and “readers,” and that the authors intended their readers to understand what they wrote.  Exegesis therefore answers the question, What did the biblical author mean?  It has to do both with what he said (the content itself) and why he said it at any given point (the literary context) – as much as that might be discovered, given our distance in time, language, and culture.  Furthermore, exegesis is primarily concerned with intentionality: What did the author intend his original readers to understand? p1

It is this next section that gripped me as a teacher, and pastor.  Our understanding of the scriptures must in turn communicate to our culture and generation in a manner that is both relevant and applicable to our lives today.

Exegetical essays put forward as “sermons” are usually as dry as dust, informative, perhaps, but seldom prophetic or inspirational.  Therefore, the ultimate aim of the biblical student is to apply one’s exegetical understanding of the text to the contemporary church and world. p2

Gordon Fee “New Testament Exegesis”

New Audio Teaching Page

Well I had thought about doing this sometime back but honestly I just felt that it would have been too pompous of me to do so.  And I honestly don’t think I am that great to listen too, so how my church endures I don’t know, but God bless them.

My friend Nick really encouraged me to go for it, so if you really don’t like them just blame Nick because he is the one that convinced me that they are worth listening too 😉

I added a Tab labeled Audio Teachings for easy access, so feel free to listen when you have some time.



Almost done reading “Biblical Inspiration” and school update

I have one chapter left to read in this book, and hope to finish it tonight before I go to bed.  After I finish watching Heroes.  The book “Biblical Inspiration by I. Howard Marshall’ has been a great read.  If you are interested in having a better understanding of this position verses Biblical Inerrancy this is a must read.  I’ll try and write a short book review before the week ends, as I need to write a full book review for my course.

School Update: So far I am really loving the class.  The lectures have been top notch, and the reading assignments have been really great.  I had abandoned my position on inerrancy sometime back on my own, mostly because it just didn’t really make much sense to me, but I never really prused any further study on this matter and just left it alone.  This course has forced me to study the subject, and has helped me to better understand both postions.  Also it has helped me understand Biblical Inpiration much better than I had before and the assurance that abandoing Biblical Inerrancy is not as bad as I thought it was.  I sort of felt gulity or thought that maybe I was comprimising somehow.