HCSB 2009 available at OliveTree

OliveTree has the 2009 HCSB available.  I was made aware by Matt in a previous post.  I happen to own BibleReader and the HCSB, so out of curiosity I went to update it and to my happy surprise the HCSB 2009 version was there.  I went to verify if they had a bullet note for “languages” and sure enough they did.

The note for 1 Corinthians 12:10 has a small bullet before the word “Languages”, which in the HCSB means that there is further explanation of this word in the back of the bible.  This is what the note says:

The Greek word <i>glossa<i> has traditionally (ca 1530) been translated as “tongue” because the Gk word is used for the organ of speech as well as for a language.  Some see <i>glossolalia</i> as having a specialized meaning: either estatic speech or heavenly languages.

I did a search to see if there are any notes regarding the use of the word “brothers” and found no footnotes or bullet notes to help clarify in certain instances where “brothers & sisters” (family) are being addressed.  I still think that HCSB should include a bullet note similar to what the ESV bible has:

Romans 1:13 Or brothers and sisters. The plural Greek word adelphoi (translated “brothers”) refers to siblings in a family. In New Testament usage, depending on the context, adelphoi may refer either to men or to both men and women who are siblings (brothers and sisters) in God’s family, the church

Not sure why they are being so stubborn on this one, but the final print is not done yet so we still have to wait and see.


HCSB Revised version now available in print

UPDATE: the changes in the HCSB Student version of the ASB are not the full changes read Will’s comment below.

Curiosity got the best of me and went to my local Academic Christian Book store and purchased the new HCSB Apologetics Study Bible for Students (ASBS).  Not so much because I need another study bible, but because I wanted to evlauate the new revised HCSB text, and how it looks on print and how different it might be from the digital copy that I have.

I have confirmed that new HCSB ASBS does in fact have the revised HCSB text, dated 2009.  There is no mention in the copyright pages that this is a revision, or an update.  The only thing that gives it away is the date mention of 2009.  Some time back I had done a comparison of Ephesians with the original HCSB, and the digital revised text that I had purchased.

Just a few quick observations, just bought it today.

Disappointing things about the revision are:

  • There are no footnotes for “brothers” in the New Testament
  • There are no footnotes for the use of the phrase “[another] language” (Tongues) in Paul’s usage of the word in his letters.
  • In both cases I was hoping that some footnotes would have been added.  Now there still might be some for Brothers, but I have not done an exhausted search.  Have to do it by hand, the old fashion way.

Positive things about the revision are:

  • bullet points are much, much smaller and non-intrusive.

I have made a PDF of the first page of Ephesians so that you can see for yourself that it does contain the revised HCSB.  Check out the PDF for Ephesians it’s not the best copy in the world and I used Mono to remove all color from the page.  Scanned it with my Verizon Eris.

HCSB 2nd Edition Eph1

HCSB 2nd edition in print?

There are some rumors floating around that the HCSB 2nd edition is available in print.  Check it out here at Jeff’s Thoughts, and this is the printed version that is being claimed to have the 2nd edition available Apologetics Study Bible For Students

Anyone own a copy that can verify if this is true?  Tempted to buy one but I don’t want another first edition HCSB I already own to many.

Limited Edition Ministers Bible – HCSB

Holman just released a Limited Edition Ministers Bible HCSB, in a fine soft, supple cowhide leather bible.  The retail price for this gem is $150.00, if it is anything similar to their Legacy Bible (the nice one, not the original one that was made out of some stiff cheap leather) then it will be a very nice one to have. This is a wide margin single column black letter edition and it appears that they have added a few more minister helps as well.

If I understand the advertising correctly the leather bible cover is made by Biblias Abba, they produce some of the best leather bibles so you can be sure this is a fine quality product.  By the way they will also rebound your favorite bible as well.

I own the prior edition which I really like to read.  The fonts are excellent, the spread between the text is nice, and the leather is a good cowhide, but not soft or supple, or flexible in anyway but it is a nice grain matte finish.  I have often thought of sending this one out and having it rebound.  I used mine the other day when I had to speak at a funeral.  You can read a bit more about it here.

I don’t know if it contains the 2nd Edition or not, if it did that would be awesome.  I have an email out to Jim Baird (B&H Academic – Vice President of Marketing & Sales) asking him to verify.


The Limited Edition Ministers Bible is still the first edition (i.e. not HCSB 2nd edition)