Looking to expand my libarary

When I go to book stores it seems that reformed theologians will out weigh any other theological point of view.  Why is that?  Is it because the store owner is reformed?  Is it because there is just plain ignorance on other evangelical theologians?  Is it because they write more than others?  Why is it so challenging to find other theologians that are not reformed?

I am looking to expand my library next year, and I am looking for authors that are evangelical but that don’t write from a Calvinist point of view.  I want to read books on prayer, salvation, commentaries on Romans/Galatians & systematic theology.  I want avoid spending unnecessary money trying to find new (new to me) authors.

In the last year I have worked really hard to find authors that are Evangelical but not Calvinist.  It is a challenging task to say the least.  Here is a list of theologians that I would not consider Calvinist, that I was introduced to in 2008 and have purchased books from them.

  • Thomas Oden (4 books)
  • Roger Olson (6 books)
  • Gordon Fee (5 books)
  • Jack Cottrell (1 on the way)
  • Dallas Willard (2 books)
  • Larry Hart (1 book)
  • Anthony D. Palma (1 book)
  • Ben Witherington (1 book)

I don’t have any problems with reformed theologian I own more books by them (Piper, Sproul, Demarest, Fineberg, Ryrie, Akin, Cole, Ferguson, Macleod, Coppedge, Bottner, Swindoll, Grudem, Pink, MacArthur,Roy, Spiegel, Erickson etc)  than I do any other system of theology.  I especially love to read there theological works on the Trinity, and Christ.

What are others non-Calvinist evangelical theologians would you recommend to me?  Also list what their expertise are and even recommend a book if you have one.  On any subject, it doesn’t have to be what I am particularly looking for.  Even recommend your favorite book or author, so long as they are not from a Reformed Calvinist point of view 😉  Trust me they (reformed) are ease to find.

This will help to build my list of books to purchase for 2009.