Celtics kill the Cavs

What happened to Lebron James and the Cavs tonight? They got stomped by the Celtics tonight that’s what. I don’t know what happened to Lebron tonight seemed like he did not care. Is he looking for an excuse to leave? Does he not have the ability to lead his team? I know that Lebron won the MVP, but its like Kenny Smith said the other night Kobe is a more complete player than Lebron. Kobe has something that Lebron seems to be missing, that is to lead and motivate his team even through his injuries and help them win games and championships.

The series is not over next game will be played at Boston. But the Celtics confidence level is way high now, they know they can shut down Lebron and they smell blood. Next game will be very interesting and this may have been Lebron’s last game in Cleveland. Hopefully Lebron will show up and demonstrate why won the MVP.