Old Testament Library Pretty Weak

I am working on my paper for the my Old Testament Survey course, and just realized what a weak Old Testament Library I have.  My personal library is mostly made up of New Testament commentaries, introductions, encyclopedias, background, Greek, and theology (Systematic, & Biblical).

I have about 5 books on the Old Testament out of my 300+ books.  I really need to grow this section of my library as I find myself a bit frustrated trying to do research with what I got.

10 thoughts on “Old Testament Library Pretty Weak

    • Sometimes I think I’m Amazon’s best customer 😉

      I have 5 commentaries on Romans alone, but not one commentary of the Old Testament books. Well that is not exactly correct I have an old commentary on Genesis from Leopold. But that’s it.

  1. I have about 40-50 volumes on various aspects of OT and Hebrew, and even that feels pretty inadequate. Most of mine are commentaries and grammatical-lexical reference works, but I’d like to have good commentaries on all the OT books.

  2. TC,

    It’s a really sad case 😦

    Need to work on it this year, but I have very little interest in learning much of the historical setting of the Old Testament. Don’t really care about the Persian and Babylonian kings. I have a decent understanding of the OT, well except for the prophets.

  3. Gentlemen,
    I’m always surprised when people say they are “into” the NT but not the OT. As though somehow the two testaments are opposed. You should understand that the NT and the OT are like hand in glove. I often consider the OT to be the promise and the NT the promise fulfilled (although I’m well aware that in both OT and NT there are promises as yet unfulfilled). But its a helpful way of thinking about them.

    I wish you well as you build up your OT resources.

    • I don’t think anyone stated that they are not “into” the old testament, nor for that matter seeing them as opposed to each other. That’s was quite a leap you made there. All that was stated was a recognition that our personal library is lacking more Old Testament reference books. Which BTW I have beefed up quite a bit since this posting 😀

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