Been on a Journey, and I think I found my way back home

I’ve been on a Journey since the day I met Jesus. It started off nice, he loved me and that was really good news. Somewhere in the process Jesus became a religion, a status quo, a list of things I don’t do (not that I was any good at keeping them).  Part of this journey led me to blogging, which led me to Divinity School, which taught me that I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew.  That process led me to ReThink Jesus altogether.  So that’s where I’m at today, still learning and reaquainting myself with Jesus, remember the one with the Good News?  Yeah that one.  I’ve made some new friends along the way that have helped me rethink through this deconstruction process.  People like Michael Hardin (the Dude as we call him), author of the Jesus Driven Life.  If you haven’t read it, you should.  There are others as well, you can check out my new BlogRoll list.  I cleaned it up and narrowed it down to blogs that are much more in line with where I’m at today.  Some old blogs made the cut, but that’s either because we think alike, or I just plain like you, or both. I also gave my blog a new look and a new tag line.

Don’t read me because I’m smart, I’m not really that smart  If you are looking for that, then read guys like Michael Hardin, Douglas Campbell, Chris Tilling, etc they are really, really smart, and they spend their life doing this stuff.  But follow along if you are on a Journey just like me.  I’m also posting my sermons from Sunday morning under the Sermons page (don’t mock I have a low self esteem LOL), it’s more like teaching, and I try to be very interactive.  I’m not trying to indoctrinate anyone, anymore, just teaching what I have learned in the process and letting other’s decide, and discover on their own.

I’m still Inquiring…

Theology Matters – Seminar

If you live in Southern California, or happen to be visiting, I’d like to invite you to our upcoming Seminar: “Theology Matters” being hosted by Paramount Bible Institute and Praise Chapel Paramount.  Our special guest is Dr. Fred Sanders Associate Professor at BIOLA University.

Dr. Fred Sanders is a great guy, even Nick Norelli thinks so, check out his post on Fred Sanders.  Also stop by and visit Fred Sanders blog.

Recent Publications:

  1. The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything” (Crossway 2010)
    1. Book Review by Nick Norelli
  2. Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective” (B&H 2007) Fred Sanders & Klaus Issler
    1. Book Review by Nick Norelli

New book on St. Luke

I have a personal interest in the theology of Luke and have been building my library.  I still have many more books that I want to get!

But, I just got in the mail:

“The Theology of St. Luke” by Hans Conzelmann

The book is out of print so I had to purchase a used copy.  I was able to obtain a hard back that is in great condition, no markings whatsoever.  The book cover is very nice, it’s stitch bound and lays flat .  It was printed by Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and translated by Gefforey Buswell.  It might be a first edition since (English print) all it has is the date of 1960.  It had one owner “Max A. Tudor” who purchased it on 3 August, 1962.

I purchased this book because of what I have read on Luke so far everyone seems to quote him.  So I thought I should read for myself the source from which others have sought fit to quote.

Other books that I want to get in this order are:

  1. Luke the Theologian: Fifty-Five Years of Research (1950-2005)” by Francois Bovon
  2. The Theology of the Gospel of Luke” by Joel B. Green
  3. The Gospel of Luke” (NIGTC) by I. Howard Marshall
  4. “Luke-Acts and New Testament Historiography” by Joel B. Green
  5. The Gospel of Luke” (NICNT) by Joel B. Green
Photos taken with my new HTC Thnderbolt 8 mega pixel camera

Almost done with this semester

Today I should complete my paper on the book of Ezra and Esther, and will have my paper on 1 Corinthians completed by this Friday.  I also completed my New Testament paper last week.  All will be submitted this Friday.  It has been a great learning experience and I am glad that I have stuck it out.  It makes me feel closer to finishing my degree, and has motivated me to continue.  I keep learning how to study better and to remain focus.  I learned that the last time, but had to relearn it again.

Going to take a short two-week break then start my next class on: “Biblical Exegesis: Theory and Methodology”

Old Testament Library Pretty Weak

I am working on my paper for the my Old Testament Survey course, and just realized what a weak Old Testament Library I have.  My personal library is mostly made up of New Testament commentaries, introductions, encyclopedias, background, Greek, and theology (Systematic, & Biblical).

I have about 5 books on the Old Testament out of my 300+ books.  I really need to grow this section of my library as I find myself a bit frustrated trying to do research with what I got.

New blogging app on iPad “Blogsy”

Got this new app that I am trying out on the iPad, it is far superior than the WordPress app, and also supports Blogger. It is very intuitive, and takes full advantage of the iPad touch functionality. The App is called Blogsy and it is currently selling for $2.99. The price will be going up soon, so if you have an iPad and you are a blogger I highly recommend you get this one. WordPress should take a huge lesson from them. it’s a shame that WordPress was not able to produce a usable stable app, let alone an app that would utilize the iPad’s touch abilities.