New book on St. Luke

I have a personal interest in the theology of Luke and have been building my library.  I still have many more books that I want to get!

But, I just got in the mail:

“The Theology of St. Luke” by Hans Conzelmann

The book is out of print so I had to purchase a used copy.  I was able to obtain a hard back that is in great condition, no markings whatsoever.  The book cover is very nice, it’s stitch bound and lays flat .  It was printed by Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and translated by Gefforey Buswell.  It might be a first edition since (English print) all it has is the date of 1960.  It had one owner “Max A. Tudor” who purchased it on 3 August, 1962.

I purchased this book because of what I have read on Luke so far everyone seems to quote him.  So I thought I should read for myself the source from which others have sought fit to quote.

Other books that I want to get in this order are:

  1. Luke the Theologian: Fifty-Five Years of Research (1950-2005)” by Francois Bovon
  2. The Theology of the Gospel of Luke” by Joel B. Green
  3. The Gospel of Luke” (NIGTC) by I. Howard Marshall
  4. “Luke-Acts and New Testament Historiography” by Joel B. Green
  5. The Gospel of Luke” (NICNT) by Joel B. Green
Photos taken with my new HTC Thnderbolt 8 mega pixel camera

Almost done with this semester

Today I should complete my paper on the book of Ezra and Esther, and will have my paper on 1 Corinthians completed by this Friday.  I also completed my New Testament paper last week.  All will be submitted this Friday.  It has been a great learning experience and I am glad that I have stuck it out.  It makes me feel closer to finishing my degree, and has motivated me to continue.  I keep learning how to study better and to remain focus.  I learned that the last time, but had to relearn it again.

Going to take a short two-week break then start my next class on: “Biblical Exegesis: Theory and Methodology”

Old Testament Library Pretty Weak

I am working on my paper for the my Old Testament Survey course, and just realized what a weak Old Testament Library I have.  My personal library is mostly made up of New Testament commentaries, introductions, encyclopedias, background, Greek, and theology (Systematic, & Biblical).

I have about 5 books on the Old Testament out of my 300+ books.  I really need to grow this section of my library as I find myself a bit frustrated trying to do research with what I got.

New blogging app on iPad “Blogsy”

Got this new app that I am trying out on the iPad, it is far superior than the WordPress app, and also supports Blogger. It is very intuitive, and takes full advantage of the iPad touch functionality. The App is called Blogsy and it is currently selling for $2.99. The price will be going up soon, so if you have an iPad and you are a blogger I highly recommend you get this one. WordPress should take a huge lesson from them. it’s a shame that WordPress was not able to produce a usable stable app, let alone an app that would utilize the iPad’s touch abilities.

NIV 2011 Premium Edition Review

Yesterday I received in the mail from my new NIV 2011 Thinline Reference Premium Leather Large Print Black Letter Edition.  This is a double column bible, with center reference.  Cost $81.89

First impressions are amazing!   I own several premium leather bibles and this one overall is the nicest.  I highly recommend this bible to anyone shopping for a Premium Leather edition.  Here are the things I like best about this edition.

  1. The font and its size 10.5.  The font choice they made is so much better than the choice they had made with the TNIV Renaissance Bible.  I never really warmed up to the TNIV font.  I think it is too small, and they are too tight making it a bit difficult to read, and I have 20/20 vision.  The NIV is using a font that is much better to read possibly Georgia, nicely spread which helps to separate lines.
  2. Two ribbons, every bible should have two ribbons they are not that expensive, one for the OT, and one for the NT.
  3. Center-column reference
  4. Thinline less than one inch think
  5. Premium supple Leather has lots of character, a bible you just love to hold in your hands and read.
  6. Stitch binding which allows it to lay perfectly flat when opened

If you are on a budget and really would like to have the Large Print Thinline Reference edition, Zondervan is offering bonded leather editions as well as a Hardback and Duo-Tune.  I personally don’t care for bonded leather, I actually prefer the Duo-Tone over it.  If I was on a budget I would buy this one, the Italian Duo-Tone Brown for $30.85, and if you prefer you can get the Hardcover for $22.79

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.  I show some comparison with the HCSB Premium Leather Legacy bible.  That one is also a large print, center column bible.  However they used a Time Romans font, and is slightly smaller than the NIV.  Also I included some shots with the TNIV Renaissance bible.  One thing that I like better on the HCSB Premium Leather bible, is the choice they used for the back of the leather.  It appears they didn’t use anything which allows the bible to feel better when you open it, also the leather feels a bit thicker than the NIV 2011. The NIV and TNIV both use some matte paper that is glued to the leather.  It’s fine, but I think I would prefer how the HCSB did it.  Lastly you will see that TNIV is thickest of all three (not advertised as a Thinline), and the NIV and HCSB are about the same thickness.

Yes I know that I retired from blogging, but I’m actually just semi-retired from blogging.  I just had to share this with the rest of you.

Photo Notes:
The side by side comparison for Matthew is the NIV (left) and HCSB (right)

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Joining Near Emmaus blogging team

Brian LaPort from has requested bloggers to join his team. He knows the challenges very well on how difficult it can be to blog on a regular basis and at one point he even considered calling it quits. I’m glad he didn’t! A while back I had seriously considered partnering with him but wanted to stick it out and see if I would commit to blogging, an expression that I really enjoy. But here we are half way through the year and I am blogging at a very slow pace, slow enough that I am surprise that anyone is still following me.

I have decided to partner with Brian and start blogging over there. I’ll keep this blog alive and post random thoughts, some tech stuff, general life updates, and not sure what else, well let me put it like this, anything that doesn’t require much thinking or research 😉 I do believe that this blog will server it’s purpose in later years, maybe once I finish school. The original goal of this blog was to have 2 other bloggers in addition to myself. They were two of my friends one is working on his Master’s in theology at Talbot Seminary, the others was a graduate from BIOLA. However they were just to busy to be able to contribute anything. I was left alone to try and keep it alive.

I live a very busy life as most of you know that follow me. I am married with a teenage son, I work full time for IBM, I am the Assistant Pastor at my church, I teach and preach regularly at my church, I oversee various ministries, I just bought a new house (lots of updates that were/are needed), I’m enrolled in school hoping to finish my B.Th a lifelong goal that I have put off for to long, and I want to blog, I really do.

I know that many of you that follow me here already follow Brain, so I look forward to seeing you over there.